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Knoch IR Technik


Inrush current limiter

The inrush current limiter offers safety protection against high inrush currents.

Performance3.460 W
Electricity connection  230 V 50 hZ~
Protection type    IP 20
Width 55 mm
Length 153 mm
Height 75 mm


Continuous dimming for the heater up to 2,000 W allows electricity saving
Adjustment of the heat intensity to your needs.

Weight0,8 kg
Performance2.000 W
Electricity connection230 V 50 hZ~
Protection typeIP 50
Width100 mm
Length 150 mm
Height80 mm

Rung holder

With the robust rung and awning support tube holder for infrared radiators 1,400 W and 2,000 W the ComfortSun radiator can be easily and simply attached to support tubes and rungs with a cross section of up to 40 mm.


A radiator that is mounted on a stand (possible for 1,400 W and 2,000 W) is always ready for use everywhere.

Weight15 kg
Base diameter 420 mm
Height2.100 mm
Colours weiß, titan, anthrazit

« Wand- & Deckenhalter kurz

Diese Halter werden standardmäßig jedem ComfortSun24- Heizgerät beigelegt. Sie ermöglichen die sichere Montage an Wand oder Decke.

Montage-Abstand 80 mm

Rundrohr-Halterung lang »

Diese Halterungen stehen Ihnen für die sichere Befestigung der ComfortSun24- Strahler an Rundelementen (wie z.B. an Rohren oder Stangen) zur Verfügung.

Montage-Abstand 205 mm
Durchmesser 50 mm


Golden Glare

The radiator with the golden tubes generate infrared A and B radiation from the tungsten filament and filter the visible light with its coating. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

Low Glare

Only approx. 15% of the visible light of a Golden Glare radiator results, thanks to the Low Glare technology. The infrared radiation contains a larger portion of infrared light from the invisible spectrum. The lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

White Glare - world debut

The white lamps shine with 2700 Kelvin in a warm white reading light. The heat developement is identic. But the red light percentage is absorbed totally by a special coating.

Magic Focus

Through reflectors made of high-gloss aluminium, developed with the most modern ray tracing methods, all ComfortSun radiators can boast an unrivalled efficiency: Up to 90% of the electrical output reaches you as heat. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.