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ComfortSun in action - versatile and affordable.

Outdoor & Indoor

Enjoy hours of warmth

OUTDOOR: wind independent | nearly loss-free transmission over many meters | focusable | particularly suited for Christmas markets and winter events

INDOOR: Precise heating for halls, churches, workstations | warmth in a matter of seconds | energy efficient

Balcony & terrace

Bring warmth to the garden

Enjoy the cosy warmth of the sun all year-round in the winter garden, on the terrace and the balcony or in the garden house. With the unbeatable efficiency of ComfortSun you only heat when you need the warmth immediately.
Depending on requirements the radiators can be subtly integrated or used portably.

(Christmas) markets

Hot in the ice

The high demands of outdoor events, e.g. Christmas markets, show the full potential of the ComfortSun radiators: Almost loss-free, focusable heat transfer and relatively wind independent.
The lamps can be integrated, and can be controlled in groups or rows. Make it cosily warm - in the stand or in front of it. The infrared heaters are a good alternative to gas heaters.

Hotel, Restaurant & Café

Make the evening longer

Sit warmly and cosily in the evening hours and also during the colder times of year - infrared heaters are operational over a range of many meters. In addition they are highly efficient: Up to 90% of the energy used reaches you as warmth.
The modular system can be installed, e.g. on awnings, and is assembled according to requirements.

Churches, castles & palaces

New life in old walls

Quick warmth and cosiness in historical walls: Only heat when you immediately need the warmth. Infrared heat radiators are particularly recommended for wooden buildings.
The warm light is atmospheric and inviting. Instead of heating up hours or days in advance you can spontaneously and selectively use the warmth!

Hall workstations

Here every grip works

Optimal working with precise and well-dosed warmth for hands and material: With infrared heaters you can work year-round on construction sites and in assembly halls or outdoor storage areas.
Infrared warmth has already been successfully used for many years as a technical tool in the industry, e.g. for warming, drying, sterilisation or plastic moulding.

Juvenile Animals

More warmth, more care.

Perfect for breeding of juvenile animals - the ComfortSun infrared heaters by Knoch IR. Easy and secure use in stables, sheds an stalls.

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Golden Glare

The radiator with the golden tubes generate infrared A and B radiation from the tungsten filament and filter the visible light with its coating. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

Low Glare

Only approx. 15% of the visible light of a Golden Glare radiator results, thanks to the Low Glare technology. The infrared radiation contains a larger portion of infrared light from the invisible spectrum. The lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

White Glare - world debut

The white lamps shine with 2700 Kelvin in a warm white reading light. The heat developement is identic. But the red light percentage is absorbed totally by a special coating.

Magic Focus

Through reflectors made of high-gloss aluminium, developed with the most modern ray tracing methods, all ComfortSun radiators can boast an unrivalled efficiency: Up to 90% of the electrical output reaches you as heat. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.