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Diaper changing table heater

changing table heater

Diaper changing table heater

The modern baby radiant heater
for diaper changing tables - easy and safe

  • With a 100% safe double-jacked infrared lamp (no splattering)
  • Pin point heat in a matter of seconds – for your baby a heat use of 90 %
  • With infrared remote control
  • Professional automatic switch off automatic (adjustable)
  • energy saving
  • "Made in Germany", TÜV-type of construction - certified
  • With protection class IP 24 – protected against splashing water
  • Easy wall and ceiling mounting
  • Usage on a stand is possible

types of switches: 

  • Infrared remote control with
    Timer function
    (10 till 60 min or continuous working)


  • rose
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • white


  • 750 W

Technical details:

  • technology: Low Glare
  • efficiency: 750 W
  • to heat up and area up to 1 sqm
  • protection class: IP 24
  • weight: 2,3 kg
  • standard cable length: 1,8 m
  • electrical connection: 230 V 50 Hz~
  • electric power constumption (with 25 Cent/kWh): ca. 18,75 Cent/kWh
  • serviceable life of ca. 5000 operating hours
    (equals a life time of 15 years)
changing table heat lamp

Electric infrared heater for babies

Did you already know that the ideal temperature to bath a baby and to change diapers should be between 23-25 degrees C? We take care that your baby doesn’t feel too hot or cold. With the new developed baby-heater of ComfortSun, we protect your baby of hypothermia.

Baby heater - easy mounting and 100 % save

This device is easy and uncomplicated to install. We  recommend a high of 100 cm above the babies changing table. In this way the best heat supply is warranted as well as it is not possible for the baby to touch the heater. The double-jacketed heating lamp offers 100  percent of shatter protection. The quality controled ComfortSun-Infrared heater for babies provides cosy heat within a few seconds. With the provided infrared remote control you can switch on an off the heater easily.  You can choose the time in 6 steps between 10 and 60 minutes. After the lapse of time the heaters turns of automatically. Alternativelly you can choose continuous operation without automatic switchoff on the remote control.  Of course you can place the baby heater on our stable stand next to the baby changing  table. This offers you the possiblity to use the heater in other rooms as well, and keep your baby warm and cosy. So nothing can stop frolicsome toddling hours and most beloved snuggling time.

Modern infrared heater technology

All ComfortSun electric infrared heaters for baby changing tables are equipped with modern low glare technology. Our bathroom heaters have an output of 1400 W. You can heat up to 10 m² in your bathroom without problems and dependably. The modern infrared technology makes our heaters very efficient and long-living.
The modern infrared technology makes your heaters very efficient and long livining.  Calculated on an electricity rate of 25 Cent per kWh, you have a consumption of electricity of 35 cent per hour. The heating tubes have an expcted useful life of 5000 hours. On average use this means a life span of 15 years.

⇒ Electric infrared heater for babies in our shop


Golden Glare

The radiator with the golden tubes generate infrared A and B radiation from the tungsten filament and filter the visible light with its coating. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

Low Glare

Only approx. 15% of the visible light of a Golden Glare radiator results, thanks to the Low Glare technology. The infrared radiation contains a larger portion of infrared light from the invisible spectrum. The lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.

White Glare - world debut

The white lamps shine with 2700 Kelvin in a warm white reading light. The heat developement is identic. But the red light percentage is absorbed totally by a special coating.

Magic Focus

Through reflectors made of high-gloss aluminium, developed with the most modern ray tracing methods, all ComfortSun radiators can boast an unrivalled efficiency: Up to 90% of the electrical output reaches you as heat. The long-lasting lamps burn for > 5,000 hours and achieve up to 90% heat recovery.